Top 10 Best Way to Earn Money Online with Google In 2021

Earn Money Online with Google

Earn Money Online with Google: You would wonder that you simply can earn money with Google online in some ways.

In this post, I’m getting to share 11 alternative ways that you simply can use to form money online through Google.

10 Way to Earn Money Online with Google

Run YouTube AdSense

Just like Google AdSense, you’ll run YouTube AdSense to tug traffic to your YouTube channel. you’ll attract viewers from different channels with AdWords Placement Targeting.

You can start by doing all of your own subscriber research to know what channels and content creators your audience subscribe to. Next, you would like to link your YouTube channel to your AdWords account, create a billboard, set a budget, and target the specified audience.

The ads are often

  • In-stream advertisements that appear before or after the video
  • In-display ads that appear alongside a video or on the YouTube search results page.

Check out other methods of earning through YouTube.

Earn Money Online with Google

YouTube AdSense

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and now operates together with Google’s subsidiaries.

Like Google AdSense, YouTube AdSense also works on similar lines. You create your own channel then start publishing unique videos.

The Ads are often placed by linking your YouTube channel to the AdSense account so that you’ll monetize the videos.

For approving AdSense monetization, YouTube considers various factors like

  • User Engagement: It requires 4000 watch hours and a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • Quality Content: Without which getting engagement isn’t possible.
  • Copyrights: All the channel’s video should be original.
  • Community Guidelines: to regulate banned or restricted content like child porn, drug, or drug abuse.
  • Advertisers: There should be some advertisers willing to put ads.

Based on the channel content, usually, it’s going to take 15 days to six months to urge approval.

While starting, I suggest you create quality videos and upload them to create engagement. you ought to be very regular in posting videos with original content and restraint from placing links and spamming.

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I got approval for a week.

 Google AdSense

AdSense is that the easiest method to start out earning online with Google because you simply got to start a blog or an internet site and obtain traffic to display ads so that users could click on the ads. Here are other ways to form money from your blog.

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There is no fixed charge Per Click (CPC) for AdSense ads. In India, CPC varies from $0.01 to $0.10 but on a mean, it’s mostly around $0.03 counting on the niche.

However, I don’t recommend monetizing using AdSense because first it drives the reader out of the blog and second there are better ways to monetize like affiliate marketing, email marketing and even selling e-books and courses.

Earn Money Online with Google

Use Google Ads only there are customer demand, a marketing budget, and an understanding of competition.

Understanding the keywords is vital as all the competition and bidding happens on specific business relevant keywords.

Before you begin bidding on keywords, you ought to do primary research to understand the price of specific keywords, search volume, and keyword competitiveness.

You can use Google Ads to

  • To get visibility within the Google search results.
  • Google Ads traffic might convert better than organic traffic
  • Complement other marketing channels

Earn Money Online with Google

Run Google AdSense

The other way of using Google Adsense is to run your own ads on the Google Adsense network to tug targeted traffic to your website. Ad content will pull potential clients to your website. you’ll then monetize the traffic and earn money.

You need an initial investment to run an ads campaign.

Running Adsense requires expertise and investment which should justify the return on investment (ROI) obtained from pulling and monetizing traffic.

Go for this feature, once you have the arrogance to monetize your website through affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

To run ads on different websites, you’ll also pick and add the location to your sites list in an AdSense account.

You can use audience targeting tools like Facebook ads (data from page insights) & google ads (data from Google analytics demographics) to settle on topics, interest categories, age, and gender to whom your ads are going to be shown or contextual targeting where you choose keywords and Google does the remainder.

Once done, you would like to bid for CPC (cost per click) for the targeted keywords. If you target high competitive words then CPC would go high. Because many of us bid for those keywords.

Earn Money Online with Google

Participate in Google Surveys

Google surveys are often taken from Google’s opinion rewards app created by the Google Surveys team.

However, the survey doesn’t earn you huge money. In fact, it ranges from Rs. 3 to Rs. 20 per opinion.

You can download the Google opinion reward app from the google play store. Then you would like to require surveys and provides your opinion. for every opinion, you win Google Play credits which may be wont to purchase Apps, Books, Online Music, and Games from Play Store.

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You can improve your chances of getting surveys by

  • Opening up the app a day
  • Keeping your mobile’s GPRS on
  • Sharing location history
  • Traveling tons
  • Being honest and listening while taking a survey

Earn Money Online with Google

Start Blog and Drive Organic Traffic (SEO)

Google has the potential to send much organic traffic to your blog through SEO if you’ve got meaningful and quality content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that thanks to optimizing content so that the content is often discovered easily by Google organic search.

The SEO practices help Google’s search algorithm understand what the content is all about so that Google can show the content to relevant readers.

You can start earning by fixing a blog and driving organic traffic to the blog through proper SEO. you’ll monetize your blog later in several ways like affiliate marketing, Ad-sense, and offering your products and services.

Getting organic traffic from Google is usually beneficial because the audience has the intent and therefore the search matches with what exactly they’re trying to find. Which is useful when it involves generating income from advertisements and affiliate programs.

Even advertisers from brands search for the blog, which pulls organic traffic from search engines.

Earn Money Online with Google

YouTube AdWords

YouTube AdWords is for your videos which are almost like Google AdWords. But you would like to recollect that the YouTube channel attracts traffic only you’ve got high-quality relevant video content for your audience.

AdWords campaigns give extra momentum and boost the organic growth of your channel.

You can later choose one among two goals for your AdWords campaign

  • Brand Awareness and Reach: once you select Brand Awareness and Reach, your ad can reach tons of individuals for a little amount of cash, but it won’t appear within the search results.
  • This goal is suggested for vloggers who have an interest in making their channel popular and reach new viewers and subscribers.
  • Product and Brand Consideration: Using this goal means your ad will appear in YouTube search results as people are researching or buying products.

This goal is suggested for promoting a product, tool, or service to desired consumers.

List Your App on Google Play Store

You can build and list your own App on Google Play Store and earn money.

Earn Money Online with Google

Google also provides a cloud-based “App Engine platform” to create and publish apps on the Google Store. Initially, you’ll build free apps to see engagement and gain subscribers. Once you’ve got enough subscribers, you’ll monetize your app.

Monetizing an app can happen within the following ways

  • Free App with In-app Advertising: during this model, you divulge an app for free of charge and make use of mobile in-app advertising to get revenue.
  • Free App + In-app Purchases: during this model, you divulge your app for free of charge and make use of in-app purchases of virtual items to get revenue. the things are often stickers, currency, weapons, extra lives, accessories.
  • Paid Apps: The model requires you to buy the app upfront to use it. you’ll build paid apps in categories like productivity, utility, education, and music.
  • Freemium model: Here you provide audiences a functional app that has basic features for free of charge but must pay to access premium and more advanced features.
  • Subscription: The subscription method generates revenues repeatedly i.e. either monthly or annually. you permit viewing a predetermined amount of content for free of charge then invite an upgrade or paid subscription to urge more content.
  • Incentivized Advertising: Here, you’ll reward audiences for completing an action like clicking on a billboard, watching a video ad, taking a survey, engaging with a brand, and registering for a replacement product.
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Earn Money Online with Google

Sell Books on Google Play Store

You can earn by publishing a book on Google Play through Books Partner Centre.

Google Play helps you reach one billion+ android users cover 50 countries and multiple platforms to market your book.

If you’ve got an existing eBook or getting to write a replacement book, then you ought to definitely list it on Google Play. Google doesn’t even invite exclusive rights to sell digital editions of your books. you are doing not even require ISBN at the beginning.

Bonus – Earn Money with Google Pay

Google Pay may be a utility bill payment app that works with all existing bank accounts that support BHIM UPI. you’ll use Google Pay to form money for fun purposes because you’ll not scale and obtain regular earning.

You can earn through Google Pay in two ways

  • Invite and Earn: You invite your friend’s et al. to use Google Pay and if your friends install the app from your link and make a transaction you’ll earn Rs. 51
  • Earn through Scratch Cards: Google has designed many offers like “Transfer amount to anyone and you’ll get a scratch card up to Rs.1000.” But it needs a hard-luck to urge some cashback from the scratch card.


You can earn an honest amount of cash and make your digital business successful using Google tools. you’ll start by participating in Google Survey or Google Pay, which doesn’t require anything but to download the app. you’ll not earn much but will offer you a start. Earn Money Online with Google

The best is to create a blog or a YouTube channel and use Google to drive organic traffic then monetize them to possess long-term earning.

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